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Erase the Appearance of Wrinkles with these Handy Makeup Tips

Once fine lines and wrinkles begin to form, getting rid of them can be a difficult, time-consuming process. While you're waiting on your wrinkle treatments to kick in and start smoothing out the appearance of your skin, you're going to need to do something in the meantime to maintain a youthful, firm look. And that's where the magic of makeup comes in to play.

When you're young, especially if you have problems with acne and other such skin blemishes during puberty, your makeup regimen is all about covering up. But after a certain age, you have to focus on doing the exact opposite if you want to avoid highlighting your wrinkles:

Erase the Appearance of Wrinkles: Choosing the Right Foundation

No matter what tips and tricks you use to create the illusion of a wrinkle-free face, it might all be for nothing if you don't use the right foundation. When it comes to anti-aging makeup, remember this mantra: "Less is more". Heavy, oily foundations applied in multiple layers will settle into wrinkles and make them appear deeper and more profound - which is the last thing you want!

You might even want to throw out your old foundation all together (and your powder too, especially if you're over 50 - powder also emphasizes wrinkles instead of covering them) and purchase a tinted moisturizer. That way, you can even out your discolored skin tone and receive extra moisture, which will help combat wrinkles and minimize fine lines.

If you can't part with traditional liquid foundation, there are several different makeup companies which produce anti-aging makeup to meet your needs. Any foundation which includes an added moisturizer, light-diffusing particles, and/or an SPF are great for erasing visible wrinkles. Plus, the added moisturizers and SPF help to repair damaged skin and protect against photo-aging.

You Can't Erase the Appearance of Wrinkles without a Good Moisturizer

All of the best makeup products and tactics in the world won't erase the appearance of wrinkles completely if you aren't treating your skin with a potent moisturizer. Aquallure is uniquely formulated to enhance overall skin hydration by upwards of 400% within the first week of use. Your face will feel softer, more moisturized, and firmer with regular use. Eventually, the natural botanicals and essential nutrients will work deep below the surface to repair damage and reduce visible wrinkles. Order Aquallure today, and say hello to better skin!