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Aquallure Customer Reviews

Ruth C., Florida

“I am a very picky woman, and this extends to my skin care. I do not veer too far from products that I already know work, and my face cream is one of those. While staying at a girlfriend’s house a few months back, I used her moisturizer because I forgot mine. Since she's picky too, I figured any cream she had would be good enough in a pinch. What a wonderful surprise it was to use Aquallure! Within minutes, I felt my face and neck more hydrated than I have in YEARS! This cream has a light and smooth finish, which is important to me because I hate heavy and thick consistencies. The moisturized feeling lasted the entire day, even under my make-up. I have also noticed that fine lines around my eyes and forehead have diminished. Now I am so upset with myself for having spent so much money on my former expensive cream. I wish I had known about Aquallure earlier.”

Sarah L., New York

“I used to have a bathroom full of skin care products. You name it, I tried it. That all changed when I found Aquallure. Instead of having a counter full of moisturizers, antioxidant creams and wrinkle-fighters, I have one product that does it all. On top of saving all that money, my skin looks better than ever!”

Jessie M., Connecticut

“I've tried every moisturizer on the market and nothing comes close to Aquallure. It makes my skin feel hydrated and refreshed. I even noticed my fine lines starting to disappear. I only wish I had found Aquallure sooner.”

Melissa K., Arizona

“Living in the desert, I thought dry skin was just a part of life. Between the dry air and the bright sun, my skin always felt dry and cracked. One day, I saw an ad for Aquallure and decided to give it a try. The change in my skin is crazy. It feels so plump and hydrated; I'd swear it's on vacation! The cracks and fine lines have disappeared. I love Aquallure!”